Holiday Treats-6 Layer Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods

6 Layer Chocolate Coverd Pretzels by haute TrampThese 6 layer chocolate covered pretzel rods are to die for and are a huge hit every year during the holiday season.  They make a great gift for Christmas, awesome for Holiday get togethers, and of course are a perfect addition to anyone’s dessert table!!!!

The pretzel rods are coated in caramel then dipped in chocolate, then sprinkled with toasted coconut and finally finished off with drizzled peanut butter and more chocolate.  They are kind of like a Girl Scout Samoa cookies with peanut butter on crack. Warning they are SINFUL!!!  These pretzel rods are my personal creation and hands down my dad’s favorite!!! They are easy to make as I’ll give you the full step by step directions below.

So Let’s get going on these bad boys!!!

6 Layer Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Total Time to Make (including drying time): 60-90 minutes

Small Note: If you want to make smaller sized rods, simply break some in half, they are perfect for parties when they are in the mini version.  This is a no joke HOLY WOW of a Chocolate Pretezel Rod as you will soon see!

Makes Approximately: 30 Full Size and 60 mini rods

6 Layer Chocolate Coverd Pretzels by haute Tramp


2 Bags of Milk Chocolate Wafers (I use the Make and Mold brand but Wilton’s works just as well, you can find them at your local craft store, Walmart, and some supermarkets now carry them)

1 Bag of Peanut Butter Wafers

1 12oz Bag of Coconut

2 Bags of Kraft Caramel Bits (you can use the individually wrapped caramels as well, I actually used both kinds but prefer the bits)  The caramel bits are softer when they harden up other than that there is no huge difference.

1 Bag of Pretzel Rods

Materials Needed:

Wax Paper

Pam Non-stick Spray

Plastic Disposable Storage Bowls/Containers

Paper Bowl
Cookie Sheet
Parchment Paper
Plastic Forks
Regular Metal Fork
Ziploc Bag


1. Prep your workspace by laying down wax paper and then spraying it all over with some Pam, make sure you don’t miss any spots.

2.  Preheat your oven to 300 degrees, take a piece of parchment paper to line your cookie sheet sprinkle the coconut evenly on the parchment paper.  Once your oven is ready to go, pop in your coconut and set a timer for 10 minutes.  Keep an eye on your coconut and you just want it lightly browned and toasted.  You can ensure that all coconut is getting toasted if you periodically toss it around on the cookie sheet.

3. Take the plastic disposable bowl and spray Pam on the inside of the bowl and then pour your caramel bits into it and add a tablespoon of water.  Pop your bowl of caramel in the microwave for 3 minutes on a power of 5.  My microwave is super hot so depending on how big your microwave is you can always adjust it.  To be safe starting on 50% power can never hurt.

4.  Once your caramel is nice and melted, get your metal fork, spray it with Pam and get your pretzel rods.

6 Layer Chocolate Coverd Pretzels by haute Tramp

5. Start by picking up one rod at a time while you take your fork and scoop the caramel out of the bowl and coat your pretzel rod evenly with caramel.

6. After your rod is nice and coated place it on the wax paper.

7. Do a few rods and then check on your coconut just to make sure it is getting nice and lightly browned.  When you feel it is toasted enough for your liking then take it out of the oven.

8. Put both bags of chocolate wafers in a microwaveable safe bowl and then in the microwave for 5 minutes at 30% power.  Again you can adjust the amount of power depending on your microwave.  Never microwave the chocolate on full power, it will burn.

I use the disposable bowls and then whatever chocolate is left, I’ll use on my next round of chocolate dipping, Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Filled Pretzel Nuggets.

9. While your chocolate is melting, continue with coating the rest of your pretzel rods in caramel.

6 Layer Chocolate Coverd Pretzels by haute Tramp

10. Once all of your pretzel rods are dipped in caramel and have had a few minutes to harden, start peeling them carefully off of the wax paper and put them on a paper plate.

11. Remove all the Pam drenched wax paper and put down new wax paper on your workspace.

12. Get your melted chocolate out of the microwave and start coating the pretzel rods in chocolate the same way you did with the caramel.  Simply dip and scoop your fork to evenly coat your rod in chocolate.

13. Once your rod is evenly coated place on the wax paper.

14. While the chocolate is still wet sprinkle toasted coconut all over the pretzel rod.


15. Keep dipping and sprinkling coconut on all the rods until you are either finish off the bag or think you have enough pretzel rods:)

16. Take your Peanut Butter Wafers and put them in a paper bowl and then into the microwave, 3-4 minutes on a power of 30%. The peanut butter always takes longer than the milk chocolate.

17.  Once your peanut butter is nice and melted, you can either put it into a Ziploc bag and cut a corner of it to drizzle over your coconut coated rods or simply dip in your fork and basically splatter it all over your rods.  Either way you go it will look fantastic!!!

18. Finally take your milk chocolate and drizzle over the peanut butter

19. Let DRY and YOU ARE DONE!!!!

6 Layer Chocolate Coverd Pretzels by haute Tramp

Trust me!!! Everyone will love these, chocolate, peanut butter, caramel. and coconut can never be a bad combination…plus these look so pretty…you can’t go wrong:)

6 Layer Chocolate Coverd Pretzels by haute Tramp

 Tomorrow I’ll be doing the chocolate covered peanut butter pretzel nuggets, my personal favorite!!! Super easy and super quick!!!!