Haute Tramp Playlist

{Haute Tunes} Inspirational Insta Happy Lockdown Playlist

Motivational Music to Get You in the Groove!!!

Nothing like an epically awesome inspirational music playlist during lockdown to get your soul rockin’ to happy beats:). Normally, I would just call upon myself to produce a kick ass playlist. But for this one I thought it would be better to call upon my inner circle peeps for songs that they find helps get them insta happy.  So my fabulous jeweled crew came through, even my dad threw one in…….because again, we are in this together people.

Whether you are in lockdown with your family, roommates or solo {like me:)} nothing can take you to a happy place faster than music.  I have found amazing music to be the key to setting your soul free and in coronavirus lockdown of 2020……it is like Quarantine Gold {and this is coming from a die hard lover of metals}!!!! Turn the t.v. down and the music up and I guarantee you’ll be better for it. Rock Solid Guaranteed.


So without further adieu below you shall find the very first of many playlists to boost your mood and get your spirit shiny and new {pun intended}!!!