Vintage Black Japanned Topaz Sunflower Brooch, circa 1960’s


Clasp a little ray of sunshine from the swinging 60s right onto your lapel with this Vintage Flower Brooch! It’s not just any accessory; it acts as a glittering time machine.

Envision a sunflower as stunning and captivating as a Hollywood starlet of that era, made even more mesmerizing against the darkest night backdrop. This is the magic of its black japanned plating – offering you the night sky, not just ordinary.

This stellar piece centers around a Topaz crystal, but this is no ordinary gem. It’s been blessed with a double aurora borealis finish, mimicking the Northern Lights within its facets. The colors it emits are a breathtaking display of deep blues and purples, outshining even the stars. It’s akin to wearing a slice of cosmic wonder, lighting up with every turn.

Now, picture sparkle, and not just any sparkle. This sunflower is generously dusted with Swarovski sparkle, ensuring brilliance that overshadows mere twinkles. With Swarovski, expect luminance that could lead ships home or rival a 60s disco ball. And for that touch of sophistication, the technique of Japanning gives it an ink-like sleekness. It’s the perfect contrast, making this brooch an absolute standout.

What makes this vintage flower brooch even more special is its uniqueness. The stones like this are no longer made, meaning you’re not just wearing jewelry; you’re sporting a piece of history. It’s 100% Sunsational – capturing sunshine itself, going beyond mere sensational.

It stands out in today’s fast-fashion world as a symbol of eye-catching craftsmanship and heart-grabbing beauty. Don’t just blend in. By wearing this piece of history, you’re not just in the room; you’re a walking masterpiece.

  • Size and Fit: 2 1/2" round, 3/4" high
  • Materials and Findings: Swarovski, crystal, brass, gunmetal finish, pin back with clutch closure
  • Designer and/or Country of Origin: Austria
  • Decade: 1960's

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