Intertwined Circle Silver and Black Crystal Cocktail Ring, circa 1980’s


Swanky Sparkling Balanced Encircling Moxie. Four intertwined circles of jet black and clear pave crystals cover the ring as it sits nice and tall on your finger, a definite statement ring of bad assery. This one almost didn’t make it because we wanted to keep it. It was very tempting but alas we only allowed ourselves to put it on to size it. It was a close though. This piece really picks up every twinkle of light and glistens nice and bright. An easy ring to pair with just about everything. Rings are the best, easy peasy way to brighten up ANYTHING!!!

  • Size and Fit: 6 3/4" (I'm a size 5 3/4 and can wear this ring on my ring finger bc of how wide and long it is) top portion of intertwining circle wisdom measure, 3/4" wide, 1 1/4" long
  • Materials and Findings: crystal, glass, rhodium
  • Decade: 1980’s

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