Exquisite Austro-Hungarian Enameled Necklace on Gingerbread Chain, circa 1930’s


This necklace is enough to blow any hardcore fashion mavens mind. If the old world hand cut Bohemian Czech jewels combined with gorgeous enameled flowers fastened onto filigree perfection and then attached to basket weave gingerbread chain doesn’t make you stop and think, WTH did I just read? Totally cool, just know this is a DIVINE PIECE OF VINTAGE JEWELRY. To put this into a time perspective, when this necklace was made, corsets were an everyday thing, pants for women hadn’t been invented yet, photography was new, and the Gilded Age was in full swing. The dawn of a whole new era was in it’s infancy………..so for 130 years old, this piece looks amaze-gilded-balls!

  • Size and Fit: 21 inches long, centerpiece Is 4 inches wide and 2 inches long
  • Materials and Findings: enamel,glass,brass,foldover clasp
  • Decade: 1890s

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