Pink Diamanté Austrian Crystal Customizeable Tie Necklace, circa 1950’s


Unique Custom Elegant Jeweled Couture. Feast your eyes on this glorious pink bejeweled necklace. It consists of three rows of Austrian pink crystal rhinestones. At one end of the necklace there is a short pin which you can place anywhere on the necklace, once you position the pin there is a screw which screws onto the end of the pin to hold it in place. This piece is so one of a kind rare and it’s PINK!!! Our hunch is it was definitely made by someone who was a skilled jeweler. The only other designer we have seen utilize this type of closure was Francisco Rebajes on a copper bracelet and necklace set he designed in 1950……but he was a craft jeweler, renowned and revered for his metal working skills, I don’t think that man would have touched a pink rhinestone with a six foot pole:) Regardless, this piece is quite magnificent, definitely one of a kind, and your possibilities are literally endless.

  • Size and Fit: 26" L X 1/2"w
  • Materials and Findings: crystal,brass,rhodium, adjustable screw clasp
  • Decade: 1950's

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