Cobalt Blue Faceted Czech Art Nouveau Brass Necklace, Circa 1910’S


Cobalt blue faceted Bohemian beads linked together with a positively gorgeous octagon cobalt blue faceted glass stone has been set into a very ornamental brass setting. All perfectly aged, these pieces are absolutely the epitome of romance and have that feeling of being from another time……you can definitely feel like you are in Outlander in this one…..because in actuality it’s not that far off. GUARANTEED this piece has experienced many a love story in it’s last 100 years and can take many many more amazing romantic times!

  • Size and Fit: 16" long with a 3" pendant drop
  • Materials and Findings: springring clasp, Brass, Glass
  • Designer and/or Country of Origin: Made In Czechoslovakia
  • Decade: 1910’s

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