Vintage Stars And Comet Swarovski Beaded Pendant Brooch


Introducing the luminous Vintage Star Brooch – a stellar accessory that guarantees you’ll sparkle brighter than the cosmos. Crafted with meticulous attention in the swinging 1960s, this exquisite piece doubles up as both a pendant and a brooch, because why settle for one when you can brilliantly pull off both? To the infinity and beyond indeed!

Dazzling with a constellation of Swarovski beads, this Vintage Star Brooch doesn’t just twinkle; it explodes in a radiant burst of charm, lighting up any outfit with its celestial glamour. The intricate design features a whimsical comet tail, trailing stardust and dreams in its wake, perfectly capturing the era’s fascination with space and the beyond.

Whether pinned to the lapel of a chic blazer, adorning a scarf, or hanging gracefully from a chain as a pendant, this versatile piece is a conversation starter. Imagine the stories it could tell, from moon landings to disco dances under glittering disco balls!

Perfect for the vintage aficionado with a penchant for the unique or anyone looking to add a sprinkle of cosmic enchantment to their ensemble. Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of the galaxy with this timeless Vintage Stars And Comet Swarovski Beaded Pendant Brooch. Where fashion meets infinity, this piece isn’t just an accessory; it’s a small step into your personal style revolution.

  • Size and Fit: 2” w x 2 1/2”l
  • Materials and Findings: crystal, brass, pin back with clutch closure
  • Decade: 1960's

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