Vintage Art Deco Sterling Silver Lapis Lazuli and Marcasite Bracelet, circa 1920’s


  • Step into the world of Jazz, Gatsby, and the Flapper era with this exquisite Vintage Art Deco Bracelet. Crafted in the roaring 1920s, it embodies the spirit of a groundbreaking era. Indeed, it’s more than jewelry; it’s a symbol of revolutionary change.


  • Crafted with precision, this bracelet features sterling silver, harmoniously surrounding three enchanting lapis lazuli stones. The addition of twinkling marcasites adds a captivating sparkle, catching the light and gazes alike. Every detail, meticulously set by hand, echoes the craftsmanship of yesteryear.


  • Moreover, this piece bears the hallmark of its heritage, stamped ‘STERLING’ on each link and ‘STERLING GERMANY’ on the spring ring clasp. This vintage Art Deco bracelet’s design ensures it moves with grace, encapsulating the essence of the 1920s flapper – bold, liberated, and elegant.


  • Transitioning through time, this bracelet has witnessed stories of love, change, and triumph. Owning it is not just a matter of style; it’s about holding a piece of history. Dare to dazzle with this timeless artifact, and let the adventures continue!
  • Size and Fit: 3/4” wide, 7 3/4” long
  • Materials and Findings: Sterling silver, Marcasite, springring clasp
  • Designer and/or Country of Origin: Made in Germany
  • Decade: 1920's, Art Deco

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