Yes, It’s True!

The Haute Tramp Vintage Jewelry Boutique will Officially Launch for the Holidays, 2015

Visit us again in a few, when all the leaves have turned and you’re just about ready to dive into your closet for the drop-dead best outfit of the holiday season. We’ll be ready to sparkle you—and anyone you’re feeling particularly gifty toward—all up with one-of-a-kind vintage rings, brooches, necklaces, bracelets and more hand picked by our intrepid Head Maven, Alexis Serafin. It’s going to be such a fabulous holiday.

Who are we? Haute Tramp exists to help women find their spark through empowering expression—and lots of be-jeweled bits and baubles. As modern women, our stories are so rich. We play so many roles. We borrow our fabulousness from all the ladies and gents before us and conjure our own out of thin air. Haute Tramp’s pieces tie the future and history of fashion and revolution, beauty and ballsy behavior together to ignite the spark that burns within every woman. Here, we wear our light on the outside.

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