Art Deco Paste Long Drop Ear Clips, circa 1920’s


Slinky and sexy brings to mind these incredible Art Deco paste earrings. It was the 1920s and Prohibition was the law. Speakeasies offered liquor and dancing but were illegal. Half the fun was knowing someone who new someone whose name you could use with a special knock to be let in. Once inside, a party was always going on. The Roaring 20s was a never ending decade of celebrations and an age of optimism. Women bobbed their hair, wore short dresses and long necklaces. Long earrings sparkled even more with short hair.

If you have never experienced Paste, you are in for a treat. Paste is more expensive than glass to make and has a very special look that sparkles like real diamonds. The stones vary in shape which lend interest all the way up to the ear lobe.

These earrings have traveled through time, lived many lives, experienced many worlds and could tell many love stories.

Welcome to the world of Haute Tramp where many adventures are waiting for you to begin.

  • Materials and Findings: paste, flint glass, brass, rhodium, brass, glass, clip on earring backs
  • Decade: Art Deco, 1920’s

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