Vintage Montana Blue Crystal Spiked Gold Modernist Flower Brooch


Introducing a stellar masterpiece from the radical 1960s!  A Vintage Modernist Brooch that’s nothing short of a cosmic journey pinned right onto your lapel. With a design that laughs in the face of symmetry. It celebrates the era when artists and jewelers dared to dream a little dream – or a big, bold one.

At the heart of this audacious pin, lies a Montana Blue Crystal that’s not just big, it’s ginormous. It’s not merely blue; it’s a voyage through the deepest oceans of sapphire, with facets that dance a lively jig under the light. One gaze into this mesmerizing blue abyss, and you’re Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole – only much more stylish.

Then, there are the petals, if we dare to call them that. Gold, spiky, and utterly defiant, they scream fashion-forward in a way that only the 1960s could. It was a time when mankind aimed for the stars, and this brooch? It’s the epitome of those sky-high ambitions and dreams. A small, wearable token of the wild adventures that lay beyond our world.

So, pin this Vintage Modernist Brooch to your favorite outfit and carry a piece of history with you. It’s not just a piece of jewelry. It’s a conversation starter, a story of dreams, and a bold statement that whispers to the rule breakers and dreamers among us.

Get ready to dazzle and to journey through the past in style, with a little twinkle that might just be out of this world.

  • Size and Fit: 2 1/4” around
  • Materials and Findings: Swarovski Crystal, 24K Gold Plating, Brass
  • Decade: 1960's

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